Austin Foundation Repair


Austin Foundation Repair

Foundation problems are very common in the Austin area due to the extreme climate and expansive soil. Expansive soil reacts quickly to moisture changes, this can lead to settling issues in your foundation. 

According to a recent study, expansive clay soils cause about 9 billion worth of damages to structures around the world. But, expansive clay is not the only reason for foundation problems in Austin. There are several more causes that can destroy your homes foundation. Some of these reasons are:

•   Poor Drainage System

•   Tree Roots

•   Water Leaks

•   Sudden Weather Changes

You should regularly check your home for foundation problems. Some of the common signs that indicate foundation problems are:

•   Uneven floors

•   Cracks in ceilings

•   Doors won’t work properly

•   Your house windows will stick

•   Crack in walls

•   Cracks in chimney

The integrity of your house relies heavily on the foundation. If you are noticing signs of shifting in your home, then it is recommended that a foundation repair specialist be contacted for further evaluation.  A foundation repair expert will inspect your house properly and create a customized solution for your foundation repair. 

The cost of foundation repair varies according to the type of structural issues and varies depending on the method used for the foundation repair. Pressed concrete piers are the most common material used for house leveling and stabilization. The average cost of Foundation Repair in the Austin, Texas area is between $4,000 and $12,000.

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